About Festival

VOD DISTRIBUTION Film Fest festival, organized by the Systemout Association, purpose is to enhance and boost visibility of the small and big independent films produced around the world.
VOD DISTRIBUTION Film Fest festival target is to be an event offering to authors the chance to shorten even more those distances; a virtual space for overtaking most barriers of the traditional systems.

About Distribution

Our distribution project VOD comes from the growing need for a film to find its place in the film market. It's not that easy!
Theatres will keep showing films intended to the mass audience, the so-called blockbusters, whose earnings are usually guaranteed. But what happens to other films?
Just a few lucky ones will be played in theatres, many others will have the possibility to avail themselves of the web and the unlimited opportunities it offers.
VOD DISTRIBUTION is a showcase about cinema available on VIMEO ON DEMAND.
We want to give deserving films selected in our festivals the possibility of selling or renting their own film on our platform VOD DISTRIBUTION in order to have an international exposure.
This is all completely free!

For further info contact us at info@voddistribution.com